Sustainable Investing in Portland, Oregon


Invest in Sustainable Business in Oregon

If you’re able to make a profit off of your investments and live a fairly comfortable lifestyle, you might find that you have some room to take up a few hobbies. You might give your time to local charities or even donate some of your profits, but have you taken the time to look at where your profits are coming from? Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) has become more popular now that green living is on the rise. You may already be living an eco-friendly lifestyle, but are your investments as sustainable as you are?

Socially Responsible Investing

Being a socially responsible investor doesn’t necessarily mean that you invest only in companies devoted to green products or living, but it does mean taking the time to ensure that the companies you are investing in aren’t actively hurting the environment or producing products that can potentially damage the earth or influence other people negatively.

If you want to invest responsibly, you have to first ask yourself “where am I investing my savings?” Ask your financial advisors about your holdings, and then do a little research on those companies. Do you find the companies distasteful because they are contributing to social or environmental damage? If so, then you might want to consider investing in greener companies.

Green Investing in Oregon

Oregon is one state that is very active in green technology and sustainable living, and both Forbes and Daily Finance list Oregon in the top ten greenest states. It’s second in hydroelectric power and does exceptionally well in implementing green policies and other forms of alternative energy, which means plenty of opportunities for investing.

Seek Investment Advice from Financial Advisors in Portland

Your Portland financial advisor might also have some advice about some other well-known SRI companies. Some of the most popular are Calvert, Pax World, Winslow Green, and Domini, but there are more to choose from as well. Remember though, just because you want to invest responsibly, that doesn’t mean you have to invest unwisely. While searching for investment opportunities, be on the lookout for damaging fees and failing companies.

Also, be on the lookout for up-and-coming businesses that benefit society. You don’t have to always invest in large well-known companies. You can take a local interest and find some promising start-up companies through websites like Kickstarter or Kiva. If you buy stock in smaller companies, you might also have some say in what the company does. Shareholders are entitles to attend annual meetings and have some sway in what decisions are made. You can use this to better your local or global community. Socially Responsible Investing can still earn you a decent profit, but it’s also about giving back to your community and your world.